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Rainbow bridge


Grey mountains
Are shining pink .

Here am I
Soaked with my grief,
Sadness and rue...

Where is she?
Who have I gained
All my treasures for?

Why is love so painful? Why?
Distance separates us now.
I will! I will make it right!
Rainbow bridge l'll build up, Love!
It will tie our souls
Nothing will split the love,
Our love. Rainbow bridge...
Rainbow makes the dreams
Come true on earth.


Prescious pearls hide

Their beauty in shells,
In the deep blue sea.
So do I hide
My pain, my grief,

My love all time in me, in me.

Love that once has been

Born needs to give the world

It`s gold so that it could shine bright.

All mysteries
Can be revealed,
But one:
The Mystery of Love.
Love is Mystery,
And Mystery is Life...


The time goes by
And the world around gets wider.
What in it won`t ever change,
Will stay the same, just brighter.
Is the Starlight,
Is my Starlight!
The Star that had died long ago…
My life has had both gains and loss,
had higher ups and deepest downs…
Never, never i` ll forget
The glimpse of fame
And crucial bounds.
My Starlight,
Oh my Starlight!
It shines,
Will never fade away. At all!..
This love was true,
Seemed for ever last.
These hearts beat
In unison as one.
Then my love became the past,
You left for me
A sparkling Star!
Star of light,
Warm and bright,
It gave me strength to
Live and go on.
Now I feel
Deep inside
That something new in me
Has to be born...

Lyrics: Margaret Plat